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Better Bridal Group

Owning your own business is challenging.  Owning your own bridal boutique is even more challenging!  Surround yourself with strong, savvy and successful retailers who share a vision of positivity, education and lifting each other up to achieve one goal – to grow as a modern business owner and create a unified industry. You are no longer alone! Your support system starts today

BBG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Why Join BBG?

BBG is a peer group committed to educating and mentoring member stores. We believe by working together we can reach the highest levels in our businesses.
What makes BBG different is our territory protection.  We believe it's important for you to feel comfortable in sharing your business ideas, challenges and successes.  It's hard do share this personal information when you have a direct competitor on the page, or even worse, you don't even know who is in the group!

Facebook Group

Have a question?  Need answers?  You have instant access to our 200+ BBG Members 24/7.  Our members love to share new ideas, tips and tricks.  It's what we are all about.  

Annual Seminar

The BBG Annual Seminar is the #1 reason to join.  Once a year we get together for a Private BBG Market (yes, we have our own MARKET!) with special deals from designers, our educational seminar, and the opportunity to network and make life long friends.

Exclusive Market Events

We host exclusive Member ONLY events during market season.  Join us in Chicago for a Meet Up on Tuesday, March 19th.  The Meet Up consists of educational topics and dinner.  Price and Location TBD.

As a BBG Member you have access to special savings from companies like Wedding Gown Preservation Co. and the many designers that support the BBG Annual Seminar.


BBG Annual Seminar

Join us in sunny Orlando, October 20th - 24th for our BBG Private Buying Market and Annual Seminar.  The Private BBG Market will host over 25 vendors, all with special deals exclusively for BBG Members ONLY.  We welcome back this year our Keynote Speaker, Alan Berg.  You can't afford to miss the educational topics that will immediately add dollars to your bottom line in 2020.

Upcoming Events

To be determined closer to market dates.

Better Bridal Group (BBG) is an organization for bridal gown retailers by bridal gown retailers. Founded in 2006, it is the longest running group of independent bridal retail professionals focused on education and supporting each other to succeed. And because it’s free of industry manufacturers, designers, corporate and on-line stores, it’s a safe-space for you to learn, share information and speak freely about your brick and mortar bridal gown business.

BBG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


It’s time to be “Engaged” in your Business

The doors are currently closed but join the waitlist today to be the first to know when the doors open in the spring.

Engaged is your partner in training and supporting your team so you can focus on the big picture items. It is your system for continually training your team to reach its goals and succeed!


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