Your future self will thank you!

The BBG Seminar is a must for you as a store owner. A business is like a bicycle, even if you have pedaled 100,000 thousand miles if you stop pedaling , the bike falls. It is the same in your business , if you stop learning you are bound to fail. 
I personally have been in the bridal and boutique business for 42 years. And still to this day I feel honored to give a testimonial on the BBG seminar and group as I keep learning and making friends and yes , making money on the ideas that I get from the seminar and implement when I get home. 
Thank you to Michele and Angie and every member in the committee for their time and support and all the sharing of ideas.

     Elodia Adamson ~ Bridal Novias, El Paso, TX 


I cannot express how much I have enjoyed attending the BBG conferences year after year. They are truly the highlight of my calendar! The VIP session is an absolute must, and has provided me with invaluable insights and resources to help grow my business.

But perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the conferences is the sense of community and connection I feel with other store owners. It can often feel like we're alone on an island, but at these events, we share a sense of camaraderie and understanding that is truly unique.

 Overall, I cannot recommend the BBG conferences highly enough. They have been a game-changer for me and my business, and I can't wait to attend again next year!"

Jenn Walker ~ Charlotte's Bridal, Eau Claire, Wisconsin



I attended my first BBG Conference in 2018.  BBG is not like any other work or professional conference that you may have attended.  There are 4 reasons to attend - Information, Fun, Friendship and the Magic.  No time is wasted and the days will be jam packed with information - so come ready to learn and take notes.  Plan to experience the fun during the conference and plan your additional Orlando fun before or after because you won’t want to miss out on a minute of the BBG sessions.  A room of friends who understand what it is to be a bridal store owner and those friendships you start will be priceless.  And last but not least - the Magic.  There will be a comment, a presentation, a moment or a person that will be the reason that you are supposed to be at BBG Conference.  It will make a difference in your business.  There are many ways that joining BBG, Engaged and going to conference has helped my business but one of the biggest is the Profit First presentation from 2018.  I came home from conference and implemented what I learned and today my business is the best it has been in 18 years. We have $ in our business savings, $ in our personal savings, months of rent in that account and our cash flow is very easy to manage now.  Because of Engaged and our Mastermind group we are set to have our biggest year in our history in 2021.  I hope everyone makes the decision to come and join us in Orlando!!

    Vicki Williams, Treasures Formals and Bridal, Alpharetta, GA


I have attended the BBG Annual Conference for 6 years. Every year, I gain so much information that positively impacts my store’s bottom line! You’ll learn so much that you have to keep a notebook of good ideas. The challenge is to choose the ideas you need to implement the most. We have learned how to be better managers, how to make better hires, how to job cost, met great private line manufacturers which has lead to higher profit margins for our store. How to offer paid appointments, offer add on packages where we are paid to do things that we used to give away for free, add $50 per gown sold, and how to understand our financials....these are just a handful of the skills we have learned and implemented in our store. You can take advantage of the best bridal boutique education in the industry, too! Attend BBG Annual Conference. You will also make lifetime friends and business contacts that will help you grow personally and succeed. I look forward to the next conference and hope to see you there! 
    Jacqui ~ The Guilded Gown, Knoxville, TN


The first year that I attended the conference I almost didn't go. It was my second season in business when I was introduced to BBG. Attending BBG conference wasn't something that I could afford financially. What I learned by going to the conference was that I cannot afford to not go?! The BBG conference is a wealth of information. Guest speakers that share their knowledge to help us grow our business. BBG conference is not only a work "facelift", but a Spiritual lift for me. Getting to see my BBG family. Being able to speak with someone who understands what I am going through in the bridal business. Sharing our knowledge with others, supporting one another. BBG Conference...you can't afford to not attend!

    Teresa Ashmore ~ Brides By Elizabeth, San Antonio, TX



We had an awesome time at the BBG!! 😍 A big thank you to all of you that worked so hard to put this together!! We have learned so much over the years with all of you and met so many great people!! A special thank you to all of the presenters! You people are all rock stars! We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Every year we can't wait to get home to start putting all these new ideas to use! 

     Amy DeLeo ~ Mimi's Bridal, Sullivan, MO



I am still looking over everything I learned. Oh my gosh what an amazing seminar. Thank you to everyone involved it was nice to see everyone show their heart and soul in this industry. Can't wait for next years seminar to be revealed!!!
Sign me up.
     Linda Taylor ~ Taylor's Bridal, Elmira, Ontario, Canada  

Thank you all for an amazing conference! If changes are made, you will see a difference. I always bring back ideas to make more money and working together with competitors is a great way for all of us to do that. I'm working on bridal packages now and I'm hoping all of the stores will follow suit.
Thanks for all of the hard work! It is greatly appreciated.
     Carol Watkins ~ Bellas Bridal & Formal, Birmingham, Alabama



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